A Glimpse Of The Taunton Christmas Festival   Leave a comment

On Sunday the 20th November The Taunton Town Company put on a Spectacular for the people and visitors of  Taunton the County Town Of Somerset. The whole day was just Spectacular, there was a fairground, lots of stalls to buy just about anything you needed and food stalls galore, even the shops stayed open.

On the Main Stage there were a lot of artists singing and quite a few bands, as a phtographer they did not do us any favours by having a black background to the stage which soaked up the light from our flashes.

The Highlight was the appearance of the Taunton Carnival Queen and Princess then Santa appeared on stage with his elves, the grand finale was a group of people as trapeze hung from a crane some 200 feet high, that was rather special, it was lowered and more artists where added, during this display the where fireworks and the Christmas Lights were switched on through the town

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Taunton Acadamy-2

Some of the Crowd-Having Fun

Singer-Charlie Short-On Stage

The Pittack Sisters-On Stage

Santa Makes His Entrance

Phil Hodgson - Apple AM Hospital radio

Cirque Critic - 200 foot from a crane -What A Wonderful Sight

200 Foot In A Hoop

Giant Firework Display

The Main Stage

BBC Somerset Bus

The Young People fron The Taunton Acadamy

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