Bridgwater Carnival 2011 – PART 2   4 comments

I have never done a part 2 before so this is a first, there where so many entrants in this years Bridgwater Carnival it has taken longer to process the images and I had to buy extra space to fit them all on and still I could not get some of the walking entries, for that I apologise. I did promise on young couple who were watching the Carnival a picture of their young boy who was waving his flag in his buggy but the flag got in the way of his face, that was a shame.

This years bridgwater was exceptional with more entries than I can remember, with no rain in the evening but the afternoon`s deluge was terrible. ALSO- as the Carnival was underway unknown to to the thousands of spectators and all those taking part just a couple of miles away there had bee an Horrific Accident on the M5 Motorway, it was a multi vehicle pile up and people lost their lives and many more were injured, what actually caused the accident as I write this is still under investigation.

For safety`s sake the organisers of the nearby North Petherton who where to have their Carnival the day after on 6 Nov were asked to Cancel it, as the Motorway would be closed that left just one road the A38 for everyone to visit and use in general. So The North Petherton Carnival did not go ahead as planned.


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Revellers Carnival Club - Candy Parade

Revellers CC-2

Revellers CC-3

Newmarket Carnival Club- Old Bazaar In Cairo

Newmarket CC-2

Cary Comedians Carnival Club-HOUSE OF FUN

Cary Comedians CC-2

Cary Comedians CC-OOOHH!

Eclipse Carnival Club-Jurassic Warriors

Eclipse CC-2


Masqueraders CC - 2

Masqueraders CC - 3

OASIS Carnival Club - The War Game

Oasis CC - 2


Motiv8 CC - 2

Motiv8 CC - 3

Motiv8 CC - 4


Huckyduck Carnival Club - Way Out West

Nunsford Nutters Carnival Club - Bird Is The Word

Nunsford Nutters CC - 2


Wick CC - 2

Wick CC - 3



British Flag Carnival Club - GANGTOWN

British Flag CC - 3

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4 responses to “Bridgwater Carnival 2011 – PART 2

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  3. A nice set of photos, there aren’t many examples of photographers who spend time photographing the details and individuals as most seem to concentrate on photographing the carts as a whole. I felt that this year, the tableau carts on the whole had more original ideas and my two favourites also seemed to be the judges favourites too. As for the features, I thought the gap between Gremlins and the rest had narrowed, so it would be nice if someone could overtake them next year.


    • Thank You Richard, for once someone [as in You] have got the idea as to what it is all about, photographing the cart as whole is fine but the detail as to individuals and close ups is, to me, what it is all about. Your tableau comment was super, more original ideas and on the build one stood out to me for it`s lighting that was Gemini Canival Club from Ilminster, it seems that someone had the idea of a Haunted House and they all managed to put that thought into reality, then topped it off with some wonderful lighting.
      Yours has to be the finest post I have had for quite some time, again, Thank You.



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