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The first Carnival of the 2011 season started at Wellington on 24 September at 7.30pm, the weather was excellent.

It seems, unfortunately, the entries get less each year, but as usual it never dampens the Carnival Spirit of all the people who take part and the turnout of spectators was at maximum for Wellington, in some places they were 5 deep, well done to every member of the public who turned out and, to all the Carnival Club`s who entered this year.

This the first Carnival of the South Somerset Circuit, the next will be at the town of Ilminster on Saturday 1st October, then onto the town of Chard on Saturday 8th October then onto Taunton the County Town on Saturday 15th October, unfortunately there will be no Carnival at Yeovil.

After Taunton we move to the North Somerset Circuit with the first being at Bridgwater know as the `Home Of Carnival` on Friday 4th November.

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Philip Knighton Interviewing For 10 Radio

Wellington Carnival Queen

Carnival Queen Attendants

Club 2000 CC - Dragon Slayer

Club 2000 CC - Dragon Slayer-2

Wellington Majorettes

Chard Majorettes

Gemini CC - Boo

Harlequins CC - Yer Tis

Highly Decorated Walking Entry

Motiv8 Minis from Yeovil

Motiv8 Carnival Club from Yeovil

Jurassic Warriors

One + One CC - Werz Yer Binz

Rascals CC

Robot - Walking Entry

Wellesley Pantomime Group from Wellington

Wellington Scouts

Zemm CC - Carnevale De Venezia

Roaring 20`s -Radio City-

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  1. hi see i other great night at carnival bt if wellington does nt send out entree forms them people cant not enter there carnival because im frm fantasy cc frm bridggwater i entered wellinton carnival for at least the 20 years bt this i was nt send a form i waited and phoned and waitied bt still no form came i was cheese off because i love doing this carnival every year great people and very gd fun bt feel so let down because i they moan every year the numbers go down bt if they dont anwear the phone or send form out i was nt be it again come on wellington get your


    philip hutter fantasy cc
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